Chevron 02 mini side graphics


A CHEVRON pattern cut from vinyl. The design shows the cars colour as the background. The image shows White vinyl on a Black MINI.
The price includes both sides.

  • Fits all MINI Models.
  • Can be customised on request.
  • Other colours are available.


Additional information

Graphic Colour

Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gloss dark Grey, Gloss Grey, Gloss Gold, Gloss Graphite, Gloss Silver, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Gloss Cream, Gloss Purple, Gloss Green, Gloss Orange, Gloss Hot Pink, Gloss Pink, Gloss Yellow, Matt Black


R50 2001-2006 Hatch Cooper / One, R52 2005-2008 Convertible Cooper / One, R52 2005-2008 Convertible Cooper S / Works, R53 2001-2006 Hatch Cooper S / Works, R55 2008-2014 Clubman Cooper / One, R55 2008-2014 Clubman Cooper S / Works, R56 2007-2013 Hatch Cooper / One, R56 2007-2013 Hatch Cooper S / Works, R57 2009-2015 Convertible Cooper / One, R57 2009-2015 Convertible Cooper S / Works, R58 2012-2015 Coupe Cooper / One, R58 2012-2015 Coupe Cooper S / Works, R59 2012-2015 Roadster Cooper / One, R59 2012-2015 Roadster Cooper S / Works, R60 2011-2016 Countryman Cooper / One, R60 2011-2016 Countryman Cooper S / Works, R61 2013-2016 Paceman Cooper / One, R61 2013-2016 Paceman Cooper S / Works, F56 2014-2020 Hatchback 3 Door Cooper / One, F56 2014-2020 Hatchback 3 Door Cooper S / Works, F57 Convertible, F54 Clubman MINI, F55 5 door MINI, F60 Countryman MINI

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