MINI Graphics additional colour and textures.

On each listing of our MINI Graphics we list the most popular colours, but for those who something different we have numerous vinyl suppliers who offer a variety of colours, textures or even effects.

These range from tints of the standard colours through to matte versions, carbon fibre effect, snake skin effects, to chrome and glitter based colours.

As we develope this page we will continually add swatches here to show the options available.

Please note: For some of the options an additional charge will have to be made on top of the listing price, we may also have to expand the lead time before shipping to cover the delivery of the vinyl to us if we don’t carry it as a stock vinyl.

Below are some examples of the work we have done using different colours, textures and effects.
Including: Pearlescent, Matte, Chrome, Alligator Skin, brushed aluminium, gloss carbon fibre and glitter.