Technical Data and General Notice

minimum fitting temperature      remove all wax before fitting

Type Acrylic permanent
Min. Application. Temp. +10°C
Service Temp. -30°C/+120°C
Shear Medium
Tack 6N/inch²
Final Adhesion 9 N/inch²

For medium to long term vehicle graphics. 5-7 years minimum outdoor durability. Durability is given in good faith based on simulated weathering tests and real life vertical exposure in non-extreme mid-European conditions.

The room temperature and temperature of the car must be between 50°F (10°C) and 95°F (35°C).
Portable heaters may be used to adjust the cars surface temperature. Heat guns are suitable for small surfaces.
Do not use hot water or steam for this purpose, as the humidity may lead to the vinyl lifting off the surface.

The entire car surface has to be thoroughly cleaned before applying the adhesive decal, even if it may look clean. All wax or paint protection solutions must be removed for the vinyl to adhere to the surface, failure to do this could cause the vinyl not to stick properly to the car.

The working area must be clean and be of an adequate temperature to guarantee optimum application of the vinyl.

Do not apply vinyl graphics on bodywork that has recently been resprayed, leave 3-4 weeks before applying graphics.

Recommended Tools
• Scissors
• Tape Measure
• Wax pencil for marking centre points
• Spray Bottle or a bottle that can give a mist
• Plastic Squeegee
• Hair dryer or heat gun with adjustable temperature control

Remember that once vinyl touches the surface it will stick immediately, and cannot be lifted again or re-positioned, unless the sticky side is wet.

The wet application method allows positioning of the vinyl on the surface to be decorated, and yet move it freely without the worry of air blisters or poor adhe-sion arising. Once a satisfactory position is reached, the use of a squeegee from the centre outwards will ensure that all remaining water will be totally removed.
We do not recommend wet application with ambient temperatures of below 50oF (10oC).

1. Prepare a solution of water containing 2% liquid soap and pour it into a spray can container.

spray the surface of the car first
2. Spray the entire substrate surface evenly; do not use sponge or rags as these could leave residual dirt.

Peel back the backing paper of the mini graphic
3. Remove the backing paper of the self-adhesive film (and not the film off the backing paper) at an angle of approximately 30o, whilst keeping the graphic flat and spread out on the work top.

Align the mini graphic on to the car
4. Position the graphic on the panel to be decorated, which has already been sprayed with water.

Start to squeegee the water from the middle of your mini graphic
5. Start with the squeegee in the top part of the graphic leaving a margin. Then continue with horizontal smooth and overlapping movements from the centre and work your way outwards, applying sufficient pressure to squeeze out all remaining liquid.

Repeat the squeegeeing of the water from the mini graphic until you have covered the whole design
6. Check carefully that no liquid remains, especially if you notice unevenness. Once the film has been applied, gently dry from the centre outwards whilst paying special attention to the edges.

Peel off the application tape leaving the mini graphic in place on your car
7. Remove the application tape at an angle between 15o and 30o . Depending on room temperature, leave 30 to 90minutes or until dry before removing the application tape. Do not leave the application tape in contact with the the film for more than 24 hours following application of the graphic.

Moulding to curves
(Viper Stripes & Full Roof graphics)

This is only possible with a very confident vinyl fitter, however if your fitting a graphic supplied by us to a vehicle & have “fingers” where there are curves you can heat gently using a hair dryer (or a heat gun with a low setting). Gently heat & mould your graphic around the curve. A small amount of shrinkage & stretching will be required but most of all – take your time.

Finishing touches
Use a craft knife to trim around door handles, indicators once the graphic has had time to dry.

View our gallery for some shots of jobs that have been fitted.