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Vinyl Graphics Fitting

Tools Required

• Spray Bottle or a bottle that can give a mist of spray  
• Plastic Squeegee
• Some Spare Time!
• 1 or 2 more people to help you fit the graphics

Remember that once vinyl touches the surface it will stick
immediately, and cannot be lifted again or re-positioned, unless the sticky side is wet
Ensure the temperature when fitting is above 10oC


• Make sure you have all of the tools you will require before you start i.e. a spray bottle filled with cold water capable of issuing a fine mist, the plastic squeegee we supplied with your graphics, a clean, dry cloth, hairdryer or heat gun capable of running at a temperature of 50°C or less, masking tape (just in case!) and a craft knife, scissors in order to trim any graphics (if needed)* 

• Fill the spray bottle with water.

• Make sure the area where the graphics are being fitted are clean and free of dust, dirt, polish and wax.

• Firstly mark the top centre of your Panel with a water based felt pen, chalk or masking tape (something that will leave no permanent mark)

• Turn the graphic upside down, and gently peel the backing paper away from the sticky application tape, the sticky application tape should have the vinyl attached to it.

• As you are peeling it away, have someone start to spray the water on to the vinyl, this will aid you when putting the vinyl on to your sign as the vinyl will be able to be moved about to make sure it is level, you can spray it as often as you require, but once the water evaporates or runs off, the vinyl will become very tacky again.

• Match the graphic up to your central mark and make sure it is level.

• Once in place, use a squeegee to press the graphic in to place and squeeze out the excess water and bubbles, start from the centre and work towards the outside edges, when applying graphics wet, they can take a good hour to dry and become tacky, but the more you squeegee, the quicker the process will be, after a short time you should be able to start lifting the application tape off (wet the application tape to aid removal) the vinyl leaving it in place, if the vinyl still comes away with the tape then there is still water behind it, so you will need to squeegee again and leave it for a while to dry.

• Continue this process until all of the graphics are fitted.

Bonnet stripe dimensions for the MINI R53 01-06
Approximate dimensions for fitting bonnet stripes to BMW Mini:
Position stripes even with rear edge of bonnet.  Allow ½ inch from windscreen washer nozzles and 9 inches from center of Mini crest.

Moulding to curves
(Viper Stripes & Full Roof graphics)
This is only possible with a very confident vinyl fitter, however if your fitting a graphic supplied by us to a vehicle & have “fingers” where there are curves you can heat gently using a hair dryer (or a heat gun with a low setting). Gently heat & mould your graphic around the curve.  A small amount of shrinkage & stretching will be required but most of all - take your time.

Finishing touches
Use a craft knife to trim around door handles, indicators once the graphic has had time to dry. any stubborn bubbles can be popped with a pin or needle and the air squeezed out.

56 Apanels Additional fitting

Side Graphics Fitting